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  Teachers on Call

Extended Health & Dental Program
designed for BCTF Teachers on Call

The BCTF Advantage Program now offers a full Extended Health and Dental program for TOCs.  This plan contains many different options so you can take control and build the plan that best suits your specific needs. 

4th Day Consecutive Call In, Paid on Scale

In accordance to the Ready Recommendations and our new collective agreement,

TOCs must be paid on scale on their fourth consecutive day of work; this pay is retroactive to day one.    

If you have any concerns about not receiving calls through SEMS on the fourth or subsequent day, please contact Anne Guthrie-Warman at the VSTA office 604-873-5570 or

Your Rights as a TOC
All members of the VSTA, whether they are a Teacher on Call or engaged in a Temporary or Continuing Contract, are protected by the Collective Agreement and are entitled equally to representation and assistance by the VSTA and the BCTF. If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact the VSTA Office or through a Staff Rep at a school.

Some great links:

  • The Practice of Teaching, BCTF
  • - a discussion list for teacher on call issues (open to new teachers, teachers teaching on call and mentors).  To join this list serve, teachers can email and ask to be added to the toc-talk list serve (formerly called bctf-toc).

Important Tax Information
Teachers sometimes wonder what options are available for claiming income tax deductions when spending personal money on work-related expenses.  While the BCTF does not provide individual tax advice, the following information is designed to provide an overview of the rules governing deductions available to teachers and other employed professionals.

VSTA Teacher on Call E-mail List

Make sure you are on the TOC E-mail list!

TOCs are itinerant, not in regular touch with a single Staff Rep, and do not usually attend staff meetings. This makes it a challenge to get VSTA information to TOCs. The TOC E-mail list is a  reliable way to communicate with TOCs.

To get on the list, email