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  Social & Eco-Justice

Consider signing this petition supporting transgender people.

Bill C-389 - An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression)

If Parliament survives through the Fall then this bill may make it to debate.  Encourage members to support Bill Siksay efforts to pass this Bill into law.  Please sign and distribute copies of the petition (see link below) and return completed copies to Bill Siksay’s office.

The address is listed at the bottom of the petition.

Here is a link to the petition to Parliament supporting Bill C-389:

Here is a link to the text of Bill C-389:

A New Petition for 5WCW
There are new circumstances and possibilities for a UN 5th World Conference on Women. This week, a petition was launched for 5WCW. The preamble provides information and an impressive list of signatories. The petition itself says simply: We, the undersigned, call on the UN, 192 member-states & affiliated NGOs to support a 5th World Conference on Women.

To sign the petition, click on the link below and then urge your friends and organizations to also sign. Ripple effects are geometric. Makes going viral possible!

To sign the petition go to: