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Salary Indemnity Fund

What is it? 
As a member of the VSTA-SIF, after depletion of your sick leave, you may be eligible t
o a top-up payment of your BCTF salary indemnity which would then equal 65% of your gross salary.

The yearly fees for continuing and associate members are $40 and $45 respectively.  Members who do not pay their fee by December 31 of each year will be charged a $5 reminder fee, and if they are in arrears after one full year, be de-activated from SIF membership.  The salary top up provided by the plan is available for a maximum of twenty (20) days.  Teachers are reminded that the yearly enrolment fee needs to be submitted by members directly to the VSTA and is not deducted by payroll.

VSTA Scholarship

Application forms for VSTA scholarships are also available from the VSTA Office and Staff Reps at school sites.  To be eligible, the 2009-10 graduate must be a child or legal ward of an active VSTA member in good standing or of a retired member.  A total of four scholarships will be awarded: 1 x $1,500 award and 3 x $1.000.  The deadline for application is May 7, 2010.  Notification to applicants will be mailed no later than June 4, 2010.

Vancouver Board of Education Forms - please contact the VBE office directly.
Education Leave
- contact the Leave Clerk at the Human Resources Department
12 Month Pay Plan
- contact the Payroll Department