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“88 and Out”—
Save up to $800 Per Year

BCTF Salary Indemnity Plan regulations provide for a member who has reached age 64, or a total of age plus contributory service of 88, to withdraw from the long term portion of the plan. You may wish to continue the plan, however, if your accumulated sick leave and BCTF Short Term SIP (120 days) will not protect your salary until you reach the age of 65 or factor 90. Members who withdraw from the Long Term portion of the plan will still receive the 2% SIP allowance. Call the Income Security Division at the BCTF at 604-871-2283 or VSTA for more information.

School Walkabouts
Teachers are reminded that attendance at Walkabouts during the first few weeks of school is voluntary. Walkabouts are not meetings or informal reports regarding students’ school progress, nor are they meetings or conferences called by the principal as defined by School Act Regulations.  However, walkabouts do provide an opportunity for teachers to meet and talk to parents about their classes, including information about class size and composition. As a matter of common courtesy, teachers unable to attend a Walkabout evening should notify their principal.


Extended Health & Dental Program
designed for BCTF Teachers on Call

The BCTF Advantage Program now offers a full Extended Health and Dental program for TOCs.  This plan contains many different options so you can take control and build the plan that best suits your specific needs.  Click here for the BCTF website for more information.

Build a Better BC
The Federation is a partner in the community Coalition to Build a Better BC.

Community service groups, cultural and art associations, and unions joining together as one voice to call on the provincial government to:

  • immediately stop eliminating public and community services.

  • fulfill their legislative responsibility to provide adequate, fair and consistent funding to support public services and community groups. 

  • work in substantive consultation with groups and individuals to build public opportunity to participate in building a better BC.

Hopes & Dreams Rally 
Vancouver teachers, trustees, citizens and students rallied in front of the Minister of Education's office to advocate for increased funding for public education.

BC Education Coalition is a community of  public education advocates dedicated to stopping yet another year of funding cuts to BC public schools.

The BC Education Coalition website is intended to be a resource to help BC parents and public education advocates stand together and send a strong message to our MLAs and provincial government that our public school students cannot afford another devastating round of budget cuts.

There you will find:

  • actions and events in communities throughout BC.

  • news about public education funding in BC.

  • advocacy resources including studies, organizing and other communications tools

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Update: Bargaining
Objectives Survey

The bargaining objective survey closed on Thursday, September 30th. Thanks to all the VSTA members for their input. The survey results were taken to the VTF General Meeting on October 5th where our local bargaining objectives were ratified by the membership.

Did You Know?
When bargaining begins again in March of 2011

  • It will be 19 years since the last round of local school-district/local teacher-union bargaining commenced.
  • It will be 17 years since health and welfare benefits for teachers saw any improvement.
  • It will be 17 years since the legislative imposition of provincial bargaining.
  • It will be 9 years since workload and learning provisions were stripped from the collective agreement.
  • It will be 5 years since the first significant negotiated collective agreement between BCTF and BCPSEA was ratified.

BCTF Worklife Study
A major study by the Research Department at the BCTF into teachers’ work has just been published. A number of topics were covered in the study, ranging from workload issues through how teachers spend their summers. The difficult working conditions and the stresses of the job are causing one in five teachers, who are in mid-career, to consider leaving the profession. This staggering figure does not bode well for teacher retention in the future.

The worklife study will be featured in Teacher newsmagazine throughout the year, beginning with the September issue

Further Delay in Charter Challenge to Bills 27 & 28 Lawyers for the attorney general were successful in arguing for an adjournment of the hearing, which was to proceed on September 20, on the grounds that they had recently discovered many boxes of potentially relevant documents. The hearing is now scheduled for 10 days commencing on November 15. The BCTF is asserting that the charter guarantee to freedom of association was infringed when the provincial government stripped the provincial agreement of many working and learning conditions and prohibited their inclusion into the collective agreement in the future. A detailed analysis of the challenge is in the September edition of Teacher

Vancouver Trustees Advocacy
The Vision and COPE school trustees in Vancouver have been doing unprecedented amounts of advocacy, working with their trustee colleagues in other school districts and with parents and the unions here in Vancouver trying to get the message out to whomever will listen about the situation facing Vancouver schools. And while the Premier, the Minister of Education, and their BC Liberal MLA colleagues keep repeating "education funding is the highest ever" / "funding is at an all time high for public education" / "we're spending record amounts on education," the truth is that these increases have not kept pace with inflation, have not accounted for increased unfunded costs that have been downloaded to school districts, and have not accounted for the real costs associated with maintaining services in a school district.  

In Vancouver alone, these downloaded costs will result in a minimum shortfall of $18.12  million and are not in areas where boards have the discretion to spend less. The education of all of our students - typical, ESL, special needs, Aboriginal, inner city - will be profoundly impacted by any further cuts to Vancouver's already stretched district budget.

VSTA members are encouraged to make their concerns known by writing MLAs  and are encouraged to get PACs to do the same. 


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